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Thesis Design and Formatting

Dissertation ready? We can also take care of the layout and formatting of your dissertation. Designing a dissertation requires specific skills and expertise. Give your dissertation a polished and well-presented layout to complete it entirely. The content of your dissertation deserves an appropriate visual translation in the formatting. You can focus on the content, and we will subsequently provide a creative design for your dissertation.

With our in-house studio and an extensive network of expert designers, we can create the perfect match between your needs and the right design that suits you.

We take full charge of the design aspect of your dissertation. Your desires and ideas are crucial to us in this process. To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have a wide array of examples to choose from. We start by designing a sample chapter to align with your specific requirements. Based on your feedback, we then finalize the complete dissertation.
For precise delivery, it’s best for us to initiate initial contact through a phone call.

Regarding the layout of your dissertation, you have the option to choose from various formatting possibilities. Consider options like:

• Typography
• Margins and alignment
• Usage of headings, subheadings, and footers
• Placement of images
• Formatting of tables and figures
• Title pages
• Bookmarks or tabs for each chapter

In short: The design and formatting possibilities are endless! The most suitable layout for your thesis is something we can discuss best in a personal conversation. Each design is unique,
so based on your preferences, we can prepare an appropriate quote for the entire package. Inquire about the options.



Cover Design and Bookmarks

The first glimpse of your thesis: The cover!

We create a technically correct file for both the cover and the invitation in the form of a bookmark, completely tailored to your preferences. You can provide these simply as a text description or in the form of a basic example in PowerPoint. We ensure that the design fully aligns with your specific desires. Of course, we can also create a design for you completely without obligation.

Many PhD candidates make use of this service.
As a result, you are guaranteed a cover that
meets all requirements, such as the correct spine width, bleed/trim marks, and a graphically appropriate design with a good balance of images, illustrations, and text.

The key points are:
• For instance, you can provide cover and invitation text as a Word file
• You can provide image material
• For the best result, a photo needs a resolution of 300 dpi
• Additionally, we have our own database from which we can
  source images that align with your subject.
• We can also potentially purchase an image via sites like: www.istockphoto.com
• Need a custom illustration? Let us know your preferences; we can handle this too.

Your cover will be designed after we receive the materials and discuss your preferences.
We professionally put everything together into a print-ready PDF file. The cost for designing
a basic cover is €100, excluding the potential purchase of an image or custom illustration.

The price for image editing or creating a custom illustration is available upon request.



Technical Support

Creating a dissertation can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task for many individuals. For us, it’s a daily routine. We specialize in guiding you through this process. Our experience and expertise enable us to provide the right support and assistance.

If you want to retain some control over the formatting, we can also provide the finishing touch by adding one or more elements to your dissertation without formatting the entire text. You can supply the final version of the content as a PDF, and we can then add stylistic elements such as:

• Chapter Tabs
• Chapter Pages
• Pagenumbers
• Headers and Footers

We can send you some examples, or you can provide us with an example of your preferences. Based on that, we will apply the stylistic elements. Since the cost of this option can vary,
the rate is available upon request.

If you provide a complete PDF, you can send a few sample pages initially. We will perform a comprehensive check on the PDF, allowing us to catch any technical issues at an early stage. Therefore, we can provide the desired support and advice during the formatting process as well.

Feel free to inquire about the possibilities anytime.

Dissertation Guide

In this handy guide for printing dissertations, we cover the entire dissertation process step by step at Haveka printing company. Additionally, it is filled with useful tips and examples for formatting a dissertation.


  • Step-by-step dissertation printing process
  • Instructions for the interior
  • Interior design
  • Submission
  • Technical finishing of the book
  • Planning
  • Questions and advice

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