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As green as possible


With Haveka, you can be sure that your publication has a lesser impact on the environment from beginning to end. While producers do their best to offer green products, the reality is that not all printers integrate this. We provide printed matter that is made from renewable resources with low environmental load based on the printing inks, certified recycled paper, printing and alcohol free and our ongoing collaboration with our suppliers. Greening makes your publication as green as possible.


Paper Quality

We use 100% recycled paper.
5 reasons why…


Greening 1: FSC and PEFC are good, recycled is even better

Many environmental groups support forest certification, such as FSC and PEFC.
However, they recommend reducing reliance on virgin fibre as a better option.
This includes maximising the recycled fibre content of products.


Greening 2: Recycled paper = less waste to landfill = less greenhouse gas.

Dumping paper in a landfill site is a waste of resources and contributes to climate change.
Waste paper emits methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) as it breaks down.
In Europe an average of 42% of municipal waste is sent to landfill.
Using recycled paper reduces the amount of paper waste that is sent to landfill.


Greening 3: Producing recycled pulp has a lower environmental impact

The production of recycled pulp from waste paper uses less water, less energy and causes less pollution than producing virgin fibre pulp from trees.


Greening 4: Using recycled paper is a simple, strong statement

The ‘mobius loop’ logo can be freely used on recycled paper
Even if they’re not experts, most people know that recycled paper is good for the environment.
In comparison, on average only 25% of people recognise the FSC logo.

greening logo's


Greening 5: Trusted brand of recycled paper

The broad range, choice of recycled content and FSC certification has made revive
the preferred choice for many customers.
In the UK, 40% of blue chip companies choose revive for their annual report.

  • using cleaning and processing solvents free of environmentally harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • recycling and reusing paper and other supplies
  • eliminating toxic chemicals from our plate making and plate processing by utilising water based printing practices
  • planning jobs carefully to minimise our electricity use and paper waste
  • keeping track of our total energy usage and implementing strategies for offsetting the environmental impact
  • printing digitally whenever possible, which saves paper and natural resources
  • providing in-house finishing, distribution, and mailing services, which saves natural resources by avoiding unnecessary transport from our warehouse to a second vendor

100% of our stock waste through its automated paper stock recycling process. Paper is just the beginning of our recycling effort. We recycle every raw material used in our printing process; from make-readies, to plates, to ink.