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Cedla Annual Report 2021

University of Amsterdam


Cedla, the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation of the University of Amsterdam, is a multidisciplinary research institute located
in the centre of Amsterdam. Since it was founded in 1964, Cedla has played
an active role as a research centre in cooperation with other Dutch and
foreign universities and institutes.
Cedla aims to promote Latin American Studies by conducting and stimulating relevant and original research on developments in that region, and by distributing the results of this research through university education and publications. The centre has a library specialised in the collection of printed and digital material on Latin America in the social sciences and humanities, and is open to all visitors.





  HAVEKA Omslagontwerp, opmaak binnenwerk & druk
• 210 x 210mm
• 52 pagina’s
• 115 grams half mat MC
• Omslag voorzien van glans laminaat
• Geniet gebrocheerd