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Are you about to graduate? As a scientific researcher, you’ve invested many years of time and effort into your studies, research, and its elaboration. The final steps are fortunately quite simple. Take a look at our timeline
in 5 steps, and we’ll take care of the last details and ensure a beautiful end result of your research.

Years of experience

HAVEKA the graphics partner has been specialized in printing dissertations and providing professional guidance since 1988. In five simple steps, we will help you throughout the entire process.
So, if you are soon to graduate and want your research results expertly published, we are here to assist you!

Plenty of extra’s

In addition to competitive prices, professional personal guidance, and flexible delivery times, we offer many extras.
We print the statements and invitations
for your promotion FREE of charge and can design the cover of your dissertation at no cost. Additionally, reordering your dissertation is quick and easy!

• Competitive prices

• Flexible delivery times

• Free inclusion of propositions
  and invitations

Digital Printing with the HP indigo

New possibilities with HP Indigo.

With the introduction of our HP Indigo much has changed in terms of digital printing. Personalised printing in small quantities at low prices and with high quality!

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Feel free to request an online quote for your dissertation and receive a competitive offer within minutes. If you prefer discussing the various options over the phone,
that is also possible! Call one of our dissertation advisors for personalized advice.

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 We will make arrangements regarding the delivery time of your dissertation. Together, we will create a plan that suits your situation. You can provide the files,
and we will review and, if necessary, adjust or improve them.

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After checking the files, we will create a digital proof and send it via email.
A physical proof via mail is also possible. After reviewing the proof, any necessary correction files can be submitted. It is also possible for us to compose the interior of your dissertation. However, different submission specifications and delivery times apply for this service.

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You can submit your cover as a PDF file. We can provide you with the technical specifications, such as margins, bleed, and spine thickness. Alternatively, you can have us design the cover for you. The cost for creating a basic cover is €100,- excluding the potential purchase of an image or custom illustrations. The price for image editing or creating custom illustrations is available upon request.

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Once the proof is approved and confirmed, production begins. We will print
and finish the desired quantity of your dissertation. Your dissertation, including propositions and invitations, can be picked up on a designated day or delivered
to the specified address.

Work we are proud of


Dissertation Guide

In this handy guide for printing dissertations, we cover the entire dissertation process step by step at Haveka printing company. Additionally, it is filled with useful tips and examples for
formatting a dissertation.


  • Step-by-step dissertation printing process
  • Instructions for the interior
  • Interior design
  • Submission
  • Technical finishing of the book
  • Planning
  • Questions and advice

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What is the timeschedule time for printing my dissertation?

The lead time of the printing process is approximately 1 – 2 weeks. This is the time for printing and binding your thesis, after approval of the proofs. One proofreading round and any potential layout and formatting of the thesis are separate from the printing process.

How long does it take to design and format my dissertation?

There are various options. The duration depends on the package choice, creativity, and complexity of the layout. In general, this will range from 1 to 3 weeks. You can always contact us to discuss a schedule.

What are the costs for printing my dissertation?

The costs for printing your thesis depend on your preferences. Print run, number of pages, and extras will determine the price. When you request a quote from us, we will get in touch to discuss the expenses based on your requirements.

Can you apply for an ISBN on my behalf?

An ISBN number is a unique identification that makes a publication discoverable for (online) bookstores and libraries. We can apply for it on your behalf. Please mention this request in your quote inquiry.
Next, we will need some additional information about your thesis to proceed with the application.

Can I submit my dissertation in A4 size?

Submitting in A4 format is not a problem. We will reduce the PDF by 80% to the final thesis size of 16.5 x 24 cm. Please be mindful that in the layout, the font size and line thickness, for example, will also be reduced by 80%! You can also send a test file in the initial process so that any technical issues can be addressed at an early stage.

How should I submit tables most effectively?

You can simply submit tables within the complete Word document. However, they should be defined as actual tables in Word, constructed with rows and cells. We can import these tables and format them to match the style of the thesis layout. Alternatively, we can directly place them from the provided document without any formatting, which also helps reduce formatting costs.

What is the best quality for submitting figures?

For the best results, images require a resolution of 300 dpi. Figures can also be submitted as vector files, such as eps, svg, or emf. These are the optimal submission specifications. If you have other file formats, it’s best to indicate this in the initial stage so that we can explore a suitable solution.

I am designing my own cover. How do I calculate the spine thickness?

Each type of paper has its own thickness, which is essential for determining the correct spine width when creating the cover design. It is crucial for achieving a beautiful end result. We have our own calculation tool for this purpose. Provide us with the number of pages and the desired type of paper, and we will provide you with the exact spine width.

Will I receive a proof before my dissertation is printed?

During the pre-production phase, you will always receive a digital proof of your thesis. If the lead time allows, we can also send a physical proof. This will be an unbound paper proof. We can create the proof on the paper type you choose for the final printing. If you are uncertain about the paper type, we can potentially include a second sample as well. We can discuss these options while planning your order.

Do you deliver the dissertations?

Delivery is typically made to the University. This is more practical as there will be someone present during office hours. We visit the University weekly, allowing us to personally ensure the delivery of your thesis. Alternatively, you can also pick up the thesis at our office in Alblasserdam. This way, you can save time that we normally require for scheduling the delivery. For any special delivery arrangements, we are always open to discussion.