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33 Years experience with dissertation printing.
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Dissertation Printing

  • Competitive prices and flexible delivery times
  • Free design of your cover
  • Free supply of additional statements and invitations

Are you going to promote? As a researcher you often have put several years of time and effort into your study, research and the development. The only thing left is publishing.

33 Years Experience

Drukkerij HAVEKA is since 1988 specialised in dissertation printing and the professional care of scientific reports. Many PhD students we have made happy with their thesis, because the realisation of their publication was quickly and ran easily and professionally. In five simple steps we will help you through the entire process. So if you soon graduate and want to professionally publish your research, come to HAVEKA. Your thesis is at HAVEKA in safe hands. You can count on professional and personal guidance during the process and a simple and quick re-ordering of your dissertation. That’s not all, because we provide free propositions and invitations for the promotion. We can also design your cover free of charge. And do not forget the competitive prices and the quick delivery.

Free extras

Besides a surprisingly competitive price we offer at Drukkerij Haveka many free extras:
• Complete and personalised technical support and guidance in submitting your thesis,
• Free design of your cover according to your wishes (title, text and/or images by you to deliver),
• Fast and flexible delivery times,
• Your entire dissertation as hi-res pdf on a printed CD.

Digital Printing with the HP indigo

New possibilities with HP Indigo.

With the introduction of our HP Indigo much has changed in terms of digital printing. Personalised printing in small quantities at low prices and with high quality!

Dissertation printing in five steps

Step 1 - Quotation
Request for your dissertation an online quote or call one of our professional staff for advice 078-6912323. We can produce your thesis through offset printing or printing-on-demand. This choice depends on circulation, budget and delivery. We also offer you a group discount.
Step 2 - Delivery
Overall we have a delivery time for dissertation printing of about 10 days. With printing-on-demand we can deliver even faster. If the order is to be delivered faster than we are willing to look at the possibilities.
Step 3 - Proof
When we receive your files, we make a sample copy and send it to you. After checking the proof you can sent correction files (if necessary). To be sure we can provide a digital proof. It is, of course, also possible that HAVEKA will do the design and lay-out for you.
Step 4 - Cover
A thorough thesis deserves a ditto cover. For designing the cover of your thesis, we offer a free service. Of course you can also submit a complete cover design. For specifications see the delivery specifications.
Step 5 - Printing and Finishing
After your approval to the proof we start the production phase. We will print and bind the desired amount of copies. Your thesis, including propositions and invitations, neatly boxed and then your dissertation can be picked up or delivered at your address.

Dissertation Printing First Aid

In this Booklet (Dissertation Printing First Aid), we guide you step by step through the entire thesis process at Haveka. In addition, it is full of helpful tips and examples for the creation of a thesis.

  • First aid for theses
  • roadmap dissertations
  • Instructions interior
  • Layout interior
  • Generate a pdf file
  • Technical finishing the book
  • Time schedule
  • Questions and advice
Dissertation First Aid

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