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Are you going to promote? As a  researcher, you have spent many years of time and effort in the study, the research and its elaboration. Fortunately, the last steps are very simple.
View our timeline in 5 steps and we will take care of the last steps to make a beautiful
result of your research.

Years of Experience

HAVEKA the graphic partner has been specialized in dissertation printing for
many years and the professional guidance.
In five easy steps we help you through the
entire process. So are you going to do a PhD soon and do you want to publish your research results professionally? We are happy to help you!

A lot of extra’s

In addition to competitive prices, professional personal guidance and flexible delivery times we offer many extras. We print the propositions and invitations for your PhD for FREE and we can design the cover of your thesis free of charge. And of course it is possible to easily and quickly reorder your thesis!

• Low prices

• Flexible delivery times

• Free design of your cover

• Free delivery of propositions
and invitations

Digital Printing with the HP indigo

New possibilities with HP Indigo.

With the introduction of our HP Indigo much has changed in terms of digital printing. Personalised printing in small quantities at low prices and with high quality!

Dissertation printing in five steps

Step 1 - Quotation
Request an online quote for your thesis without obligation and receive a competitive offer within a few minutes. If you prefer to discuss the different options by telephone, call one of our professional staff for personal advice (phone: 078 – 691 23 23).

The prices you receive from us are always based on the cheapest way of producing, with the best quality.

If you and your colleagues would like to have your thesis printed with us, we will offer you an interesting group discount.
The amount of the discount is determined by the number of people who participate.

Step 2 - Planning & Delivery
The second step in the process is to make agreements about the delivery time for your thesis. If you have compared all the possibilities and opted for HAVEKA, please let us know. Together we ensure that a planning is made that fits well with your situation. From the moment the proof is approved (see step 3) we need about 5 working days for printing and finishing your thesis.

The preparations, such as providing the necessary information and producing the tests, also take about 5 working days on average. For the entire process, you must therefore take into account a delivery time of approximately 10 working days.

Step 3 - Proof
After receiving, we check the delivered files. We make a digital proof of this and send it to you. A paper proof by mail is also possible. After checking the test, any correction files can be supplied.

It is also possible to have the inside of
your thesis drawn up by us. However, other delivery specifications and delivery times apply.

Step 4 - Cover
A thorough dissertation deserves a nice cover. We offer the design of the cover of your thesis free of charge as a service.
Of course you can also supply the cover design yourself. For specifications see the delivery specifications.
Step 5 - Printing and Finishing
After approval the proof we van start the production. Your thesis, including propositions and invitations, will be neatly packed in boxes, after which the thesis can be picked up or delivered on an agreed day.

Dissertation Printing First Aid

In this Booklet (Dissertation Printing First Aid), we guide you step by step through the entire thesis process at Haveka. In addition, it is full of helpful tips and examples for the creation of a thesis.

  • First aid for theses
  • roadmap dissertations
  • Instructions interior
  • Layout interior
  • Generate a pdf file
  • Technical finishing the book
  • Time schedule
  • Questions and advice
Dissertation First Aid

We print dissertations for:

Dissertation Printing University Leiden

University Leiden

Dissertation Printing Technical University Delft

Technical University Delft

Dissertation Printing Erasmus University

Erasmus University

Dissertation Printing Wageningen University

Wageningen University

Dissertation Printing Technical University Eindhoven

Technical University Eindhoven

Dissertation Printing University Nyenrode

University Neyenrode

Dissertation Printing University Utrecht

University Utrecht

Dissertation Printing vrije University Amsterdam

vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Dissertation Printing Tinbergen Institute

Tinbergen Institute

Dissertation Printing University Tilburg

University Tilburg

Dissertation Printing University Amsterdam

University Amsterdam

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